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Osteopathy & Body-centred Stress Coaching for Space Tourists

2020 is the year that one of my childhood dreams becomes a reality "space tourism". Regular trips will be offered by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX. Even more amazing is that in 2025 you will actually be able to spend a holiday in space at the Von Braun Space Hotel. A holiday in space,… Continue reading Osteopathy & Body-centred Stress Coaching for Space Tourists

Osteopathy Brussels, Stress-Less

Osteopathy is not just about bones

A misconception that people often have about osteopathy is that it is all about bones and 'cracking'. While "osteo" indeed means bone in Latin the founder of osteopathy Dr Andrew Taylor Still believed that by correcting problems in the body's structure and aligning the musculoskeletal system and by doing so freeing the vascular system, through… Continue reading Osteopathy is not just about bones


Benefits of body-treatment in stress management

On 16/6/2017 I took part in the morning panel of the International Stress Management Association's (ISMA) annual conference. The question Jeremy Nicholas, the MC for the day, asked me was: As an osteopath, can you give us the benefit of body-treatment in stress management? My succinct answer (or at least trying to) was... It was at first my… Continue reading Benefits of body-treatment in stress management


Let’s talk about stress

Stress: A conflict between biology and culture Article Published in Executive Secretary Magazine: 25 January 2017 Tom Meyers explains why stress has become a nuisance and what we can do about it Over the last few years many words have been spoken and written about stress and numerous actions undertaken to do something about it.… Continue reading Let’s talk about stress

Health Matters

Influenza and ……. Soup

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X  from 17 February 2014 I'm Tom Meyers, Stress Coach and welcome to another episode of Health Matters. This week I like to talk to you about Influenza or commonly known as the flu. Currently, in Belgium, the consultation rate for flu-like symptoms is rising. (Influenza surveillance programme… Continue reading Influenza and ……. Soup