Space Tourist's Health, Stress-Less

Osteopathy & Body-centred Stress Coaching for Space Tourists

2020 is the year that one of my childhood dreams becomes a reality "space tourism". Regular trips will be offered by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX. Even more amazing is that in 2025 you will actually be able to spend a holiday in space at the Von Braun Space Hotel. A holiday in space,… Continue reading Osteopathy & Body-centred Stress Coaching for Space Tourists

Digital Transformation without Stress, Futurize Yourself

Why Futurize Yourself?

What does it mean to Futurize Yourself? Why is it important in a fast-changing world? Find out the answers in the interview I gave Sascha Siegmund on his "I Am Your Coach" online TV channel.    

Digital Transformation without Stress

Digital Transformation without Stress: Part 2

In part 1 of ā€œDigital Transformation without Stress," I addressed that technology has the potential to become a strong ally in our evolution. It will do this by becoming, just like the bodies autonomous nervous system, a part of our life that will perform a lot of tasks to help us to adapt with more… Continue reading Digital Transformation without Stress: Part 2

Digital Transformation without Stress

Digital Transformation without Stress: Part 1

New technologies are changing the way we live and work with a speed and scope unlike anything humanity has experienced before. For example: Soon you will not be driving to work but being driven as cars will increase being automated, less pollutive as they are electric and traffic jams something of the past. Advances in… Continue reading Digital Transformation without Stress: Part 1

INSAD2017, Stress-Less

FREE Online Stress Summit

Please SIGN-UP and share... For those who know me, I'm a man with a mission to "Speak Up and Speak Out about Stress," and this is also the topic of this years' International Stress Awareness Day that takes place on November 1.. Stress has become one of the most important health problems in our society… Continue reading FREE Online Stress Summit


TedX Brussels Interview

I was kindly asked for an interview by TEDx Brussels to give my ideas about the Deeper Future and this to complement their full speaker program to which I hope to be invited to one day šŸ˜‰ "This is no Joke": Stress in the Deeper Future Photo by Bibbi Abruzzini ā€œDid you know that stress… Continue reading TedX Brussels Interview


2016 is yours to create

Do you, like me sense that we have arrived at a critical moment in time? At one side there is the noticeable change in climate, the increase in terror and although we have more means to be healthy there are more sick people now then ever before. Where are we going from here? What will… Continue reading 2016 is yours to create


The Pursuit of Happiness

Tom Meyers offers seven tips on the road to true contentment Article published in Together Magazine 54 December 2014 The promotion of wellbeing is essential to the pursuit of happiness. Self-Realisation or honing and living your potential and the sense of fulfilment it brings you is one way to promote that wellbeing. However, self-realisation, being… Continue reading The Pursuit of Happiness

Health Matters

Tenets of Health

Transcript of the Feature ā€˜Health Mattersā€™ onĀ Radio XĀ fromĀ 15 December 2014 Iā€™m Tom Meyers and welcome to the last regular episode of Health Matters for this year. In the last 14 episodes Iā€˜ve taken you an a journey to find answers to the question: What is health? We all seek health but are we ready to… Continue reading Tenets of Health

Health Matters, Together Magazine

Soul-Purpose (part 3)

Transcript of the Feature ā€˜Health Mattersā€™ nr.Ā 51 onĀ Radio XĀ from 1 DecemberĀ 2014 I'm Tom Meyers and welcome to another episode of Health Matters. In Health Matters I share with you my professional experience as an osteopath and stress coach, bring you scientific insights and pass on practical tips how to manage stress and improve your health… Continue reading Soul-Purpose (part 3)