Space Tourist's Health, Stress-Less

Osteopathy & Body-centred Stress Coaching for Space Tourists

2020 is the year that one of my childhood dreams becomes a reality "space tourism". Regular trips will be offered by Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and SpaceX. Even more amazing is that in 2025 you will actually be able to spend a holiday in space at the Von Braun Space Hotel. A holiday in space,… Continue reading Osteopathy & Body-centred Stress Coaching for Space Tourists

Digital Transformation without Stress, Futurize Yourself

Why Futurize Yourself?

What does it mean to Futurize Yourself? Why is it important in a fast-changing world? Find out the answers in the interview I gave Sascha Siegmund on his "I Am Your Coach" online TV channel.    

Together Magazine

The World is a reflection of You

Article published in Together Magazine 51, September 2014 p. 29-30 Article written by Tom Meyers “If only I had…”. “If only I was…” Stop right there and reflect on the following phrase ‘The world is a chewing gum: it takes the shape of your teeth’ coined by Professor Stefano D’Anna author of the personal development book ‘The School… Continue reading The World is a reflection of You


Rewiring the Brain

The automation of new health promoting behavior so you can THRIVE "True development is about transforming the operating system itself, not just increasing your fund of knowledge or your behavioral repertoire." R. Kegan & L. Lahey - Psychologists Harvard I've been practicing but not really enough. I like to practice more but somehow I don't… Continue reading Rewiring the Brain


Your body needs you

The effect(s) of stress (muscular tension, digestive problems, low immunity, depression,...) is the result of the body's exposure to the stress response (fight, flight, freeze) which in term is triggered following the brains interpretation of a stressor(s) (trauma, worrying, work overload,...). The effect(s) of stress is in correlation to i.a. the length of exposure, one's… Continue reading Your body needs you


Can some of our current health problems be due to an impass between body and mind?

Life goes faster and faster and our mind seems initially very capable of dealing with this speed of change. However at the same time we see an increasing number of people who are ill with 70% of all illnesses related to stress! The body it seems is not coping so well. How come?  Hopefully the… Continue reading Can some of our current health problems be due to an impass between body and mind?


What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual facilitated health care approach based on the principle(s) that the body is a dynamic unit in which all parts are interrelated and interdependent and which possesses a self regulatory and self healing mechanism. Manual An osteopath uses his fine-tuned sense of touch to feel disturbances in motion within the body-matrix. Health… Continue reading What is osteopathy?