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Reaset the Return of Ease by Tom Meyers

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  • Are you running after yourself, feel overwhelmed or stressed?
  • Do you feel tense, suffer from physical pains especially in neck and shoulders?
  • Headaches, have they become a daily nuisance?
  • Is making decisions difficult or do you doubt more then usual?
  • Do you feel down?

When your answer is ‘yes’ to most of the above then it is likely that you are locked into your survival ‘fight and flight’ mode.

The ‘fight and flight’ reflex – from a survival perspective – is good for you: it keeps you alive in times of danger. However, when the danger is past, this response must reset itself to ease.

Just like an alarm, you want your ‘fight and flight’ response to go off when there is danger. When that danger is over you want it to reset itself. When it doesn’t, you must reset it manually. At any other time, you want it to be alert, ready to be activated at need.

Reaset: The return of Ease 

Is there to help yourself and others back into ease in times of stress, change and challenges. 

You can apply it to regain control, to improve your focus and clarity, reduce physical tension and over time it will make you more stress resistant.

Start to Reaset today and feel the effect immediately. Make it part of a daily routine and, most of all, share it.

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 Be good to yourself…. and others.


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