Benefits of body-treatment in stress management

On 16/6/2017 I took part in the morning panel of the International Stress Management Association's (ISMA) annual conference. The question Jeremy Nicholas, the MC for the day, asked me was: As an osteopath, can you give us the benefit of body-treatment in stress management? My succinct answer (or at least trying to) was... It was at first my… Continue reading Benefits of body-treatment in stress management

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The architect of Life

Audio of the presentation I gave on 31/5/2017 for the Fear & Fail conference in Brussels I'm an osteopath, Stress-Coach and keynote speaker who has been running my own health practice in Brussels for more than 10 years. I have spent many years abroad working as a waiter in various hotels in England and as… Continue reading The architect of Life


How stress and terrorism affect election behaviour

The original article that I contributed to was published online in the APA Science section, the  Austrian magazine Profil and in the Tiroler Tageszeiting under the title: Wie sich Stress und Terrorängste auf das Wahlverhalten auswirken. (From APA: 22. 4. 2017) Several studies provide evidence of benefits for right-wing populists. The final round of the French presidential election… Continue reading How stress and terrorism affect election behaviour


A more comfortable lifestyle = a health adverse lifestyle

Human vs. Transhuman In 2012 a pan-European poll on occupational safety and health asked the question: “Do you think that the number of people suffering from job-stress (in your country) will increase, decrease or stay the same over the next 5 years?” The result was that 77% (8 out of 10) said it would increase… Continue reading A more comfortable lifestyle = a health adverse lifestyle


Let’s talk about stress

Stress: A conflict between biology and culture Article Published in Executive Secretary Magazine: 25 January 2017 Tom Meyers explains why stress has become a nuisance and what we can do about it Over the last few years many words have been spoken and written about stress and numerous actions undertaken to do something about it.… Continue reading Let’s talk about stress


TomTom the Health Navigator: Reflections part I

The ability of our body to adapt dynamically and instantaneously to changes in the internal and external environment is an essential part of human nature and essential for our health. To survive in face of adversity, overcome challenges, to achieve our goals and thrive, our organism needs to adapt itself continuously. In other words our… Continue reading TomTom the Health Navigator: Reflections part I


TedX Brussels Interview

I was kindly asked for an interview by TEDx Brussels to give my ideas about the Deeper Future and this to complement their full speaker program to which I hope to be invited to one day 😉 "This is no Joke": Stress in the Deeper Future Photo by Bibbi Abruzzini “Did you know that stress… Continue reading TedX Brussels Interview


2016 is yours to create

Do you, like me sense that we have arrived at a critical moment in time? At one side there is the noticeable change in climate, the increase in terror and although we have more means to be healthy there are more sick people now then ever before. Where are we going from here? What will… Continue reading 2016 is yours to create


Does your body need coaching?

When needing help on the quest of personal development, self-realisation or spiritual growth there is a plethora of coaching formats: Life coaching, career coaching, personal coaching, systemic coaching, business or executive coaching,… All of the above mentioned focus on supporting a coachee achieving specific personal, professional or spiritual goals through mental processes. The coach helps… Continue reading Does your body need coaching?