The architect of Life

Audio of the presentation I gave on 31/5/2017 for the Fear & Fail conference in Brussels

I’m an osteopath, Stress-Coach and keynote speaker who has been running my own health practice in Brussels for more than 10 years. I have spent many years abroad working as a waiter in various hotels in England and as sommelier on board the cruise ship Queen Elisabeth II, and backpacking around the world. I only became interested in health matters at the age of 30. This was as my first business – a deli (gourmet food store), failed. My story is a genuine process of reinventing myself, allowing failures and fears to surface and understanding what it takes to diversify a career and start climbing to the next level in my professional life.


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About Tom Meyers

Host of the Online Stress Summit ⋮ Osteopath & Stress-Coach ⋮ Keynote Speaker ⋮ Author - Futurize Yourself ➠ Empowering you to navigate stress and build resilience in a fast-changing world.

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