TomTom the Health Navigator: Reflections part I

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The ability of our body to adapt dynamically and instantaneously to changes in the internal and external environment is an essential part of human nature and essential for our health. To survive in face of adversity, overcome challenges, to achieve our goals and thrive, our organism needs to adapt itself continuously. In other words our organism needs to be able to alternate its internal milieu between, the stress response when an action is required and the relaxation response where the organism is at ease and restores its resources, recuperate and regenerates for the next action to come.

However, the body is having difficulties maintaining this dynamic balance. The reason for this is multiplex, but can be summarised as the experience of a conflict between biology and culture.

How so…?

While our biology hasn’t really changed since prehistoric times, our environment has. In turn the changes in our environment i.a. culture and society has changed the way we think, feel, act, etc. However, the way our body reacts to change with a stress response hasn’t and is alas still based on the prehistoric fight-and-flight program even though the challenge is psychosocial in nature.

One view is that our organism just hasn’t had the time to update itself to the new challenges. Changes used to be gradual over many generations spanning hundreds  or thousands of years. Now, we experience multiple major lifestyle changes within a generation. This has a lot to do with the evolution towards a more computerised environment, the ensuing changes in the way we live and work, the way life and work is organised and the speed with which these changes are happening.

In other words we’ve changed the world around us to such an extent and in such a short time that it has surpassed our own development. That discordance is making us sick and worse…

So far evolution was something we never really had to think about, until now. We better start thinking about it as maybe just maybe by giving human nature a helping hand we will again thrive instead of survive.

To be continued… (soon)


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