Soul-Purpose (part 4)

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ nr. 52 on Radio X from 8 December 2014


I’m Tom Meyers and welcome to another episode of Health Matters.

How are you feeling today? I sincerely hope you’ve been listening to the previous episodes of Health Matters, as today is the last part of a series on the topic of self-discovery of finding those unique skills you are born with and when put into your daily reality leads to a greater sense of fulfilment and purpose which, contribute to the pursuit for happiness, health and the feeling of wellbeing.

Three questions have been asked and their purpose explained:

What do you admire in others?

What do others admire in you?

What have you done, that truly made you happy?

Three questions, three ways of looking into the mirror to see one’s soul reflected. I hope you discovered some new things about yourself, or that you start the see the bigger picture of some of the experiences you’ve had, or see sense in messages that you’ve been receiving but didn’t really pay attention to until now.

Now you know and can start another process. You’ve observed yourself, your past experiences and you can start projecting a new future from here. You can start to draw a blueprint for your future.

Lots of people are lost, walk around aimlessly. Are you one of them, then today that can change… or maybe you like to change your direction, then for you today can be the day where you start to walk another path.

And yes one more question is in need to be answered. How do you see yourself in 10 years time. I want you to write what your ideal day, week month looks like. You’ve found out your talents now imagine that you’ve nourished, developed, honed these talents… and are living them consciously what would your life look like. Start with the phrase I wake up in the morning and… then you fill in the rest.

Do you wake up alone or with partner, are you married, do you have kids,… make the dream a realistic experience but don’t limit yourself by todays standards or limitations… Dream how you really would like to wake-up, have your day organised,… what your ideal life would look like what you are born to be, what your unique combination of skills offer to yourself and others.

As I explained last week. I answered these questions put to me by a coach 14 years ago. I wrote down my perfect day, week month…

I live today 80% of what I had envisaged then but what is more important is that I had so many wonderful experiences on the way… like having my own radio feature and articles in Together Magazine… thanks to upholding my vision and never wavering from it. That I’m healthier, happier, and feel more fulfilled then ever before and it doesn’t end here.

I feel it is only starting.

You can create your dream and be who you were born to be. True happiness comes with the process of conscious living. By unlearning many things you have learned and learning new ways. By doing there is no trying.

And know : You always have choice you always have a chance

Lyrics from song Nr 7 SAM by Kids with the Crown

Have a great day, and I’ll catch up with you again next week with another episode of Health Matters. For more information about me my presentations or consultations or when you just want to get in touch visit the  website

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