Soul-Purpose (part 2)

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ nr. 50 on Radio X from 24 November 2014Screen Shot 2014-11-15 at 21.14.15

I’m Tom Meyers and welcome to episode 50 of Health Matters. Yes 50 episodes we started last year with the quest to understand and manage stress and evolved into a journey of self-discovery as a means to health, wellbeing and happiness

In Health Matters I share with you my professional experience as an osteopath and stress coach, bring you scientific insights and pass on practical tips how to manage stress and improve your health and well-being.

In last weeks episode, I shed light on the first of three question that guide you to find the talents you were born with.

Talents we all have them but who truly knows and hone’s them? In the quest for self-realisation talents are the cornerstone for living a meaningful and happier life as you will discover.

The first question was: What do you admire in others? By means of this question you observe through others, your talents that are waiting to be discovered or that are underdeveloped. Important in your exploration is to see if you discover likenesses in your answers when you observe different people especially friends. Is there a common denominator, a common admirable talent or talents that you recognise in them and if so how would you define that talent? Write it down. I suggest you keep a diary and write down your self-observations to get even more out of the whole experience of self discovery. Writing or for some typing helps processing on a deeper level.

Lets go to the second question. In the second question you reverse the perspective and ask yourself: What do others admire in me?

To answer this question you imagine yourself and your best friend and think with what kind of questions other mutual friends come to you for and not your friend. For what kind of help do your friends come to you for? Or what do you spontaneously attract?

For example people always seem to come to you to tell their problems. It’s always you they seem to talk to about their recent break-ups… or it’s always you they come to when their computer is playing up again…

Whom and what at do you attract? Look back and see if there is a pattern especially to the spontaneous requests by people you didn’t know.

You can also answer this question differently. What have people said to you that you’re good at or feel drawn to you for? For example if you observe that people keep saying oh you’re such a good listener maybe you should listen to what they are really saying… the message behind the words. To be able to listen is a talent… when people seek your council and trust your opinion you have the talent of counselling of a therapist maybe.

Do you start to see the picture? Do you start to see how self-observation and the observation of others can be used as a mirror to your soul of finding out who you truly are?

Next week i’ll elaborate on the last question What have you done that truly made you happy? But maybe you can already try to find out yourself what this question can bring you for information.

And whatever you do enjoy the process, share it with a loved one or friends… start a meaningful conversation over a dinner or why not in the pub and you can always let me know how you get along through my website where you also find information about my presentations or consultations.

So for now have a great day and you’ll here from me again next week here on health matters.

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