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The pursuit of self-realization

Only a King can dream Versailles

Tom Meyers looks at the starting point on the road to self-fulfilment

Together Magazine Nov 2014

Together Magazine

Personal development is the conscious pursuit of self-realization by expanding your self-awareness and by nourishing and honing your innate potential. In other words, personal development is reaching out for your heart’s desire, to become who you were born to be.

But what does your heart truly desire? Your heart, not your mind. What does your heart beat for? Who were you born to be? When you’re on a path of personal development finding the answers to these kinds of questions is a very good start and makes a sound basis for truly finding happiness and fulfilment.

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I would even go a step further: it is essential and the best present you’ll ever give yourself.

I’d like to show why I think this is so by illustrating it with the metaphor ‘Only a king can dream Versailles’ from the book The School for Gods by Professor Stefano d’Anna.

If you’re not born into a royal family then the likelihood you’ll ever become a king is very slim and Versailles or any other kingdom is very far off. You don’t hear me say that becoming a king or having a kingdom is impossible but highly unlikely. And let’s say you managed against all odds and with enormous sacrifices you’ve become a king, then the question remains will you be living a meaningful and happy life or always live in fear of losing it?

On the journey of self-realization, finding out your innate gifts – your potential – is the
best starting point for setting your aims in life so that you can live the dream. AIM is an anagram for I AM… who am I?

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. You are part of a society that is part of the earth that is part of the galaxy that is part of the Universe. Your reason for being is associated with a contribution to a collective. You are like a single cell with a specific role and function that together with all the other cells makes up your body – something bigger than the sum of its parts. When does a body function well? When all the parts are playing their role.

When you start nourishing and nurturing your soul’s purpose and start playing your part you will see miracles happen, you will be happier, healthier and live a more fulfilled life. There will be a continuous quality to life that you’ve only experienced on occasions.

Today is the day that you can change your life.

When you feel unhappy, uneasy and sense that something isn’t adding up… accept it. Observe what isn’t going well, what you’d like to change. Then decide to take the time to work on yourself. The next question is where you want to start your quest.

When finding out your innate potential and who you were born to be, there are a few questions that can help you:

1. What do you admire in others?
2. What do others admire in you?
3. What have you done that truly made you happy?

Answers should be short and precise, just like key words.

Use the answers to these questions as a mirror to your soul. Question 1 is the mirror of your unconscious and the potential waiting to be developed. Question 2 and 3 are mirrors of expressed potential but that something that will need honing and given direction.

Enjoy the journey and remember: “The amplitude of one’s own being sets the limit of what a man can ask from life and the culmination of his every desire. At the same time it is also the limit of all that a man can receive and possess.” (The Dreamer, The School for Gods)

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