Only a King can dream a Kingdom

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ nr. 44 on Radio X from 13 October 2014

I’m Tom Meyers and welcome to another episode of Health Matters. In Health Matters I share with you my personal experience as an osteopath and stress coach, bring you scientific insights and pass on practical tips how to manage stress and improve your health and well-being.

In last weeks episode, I talked about how psychosocial aspects influence our health and went on to discover that our stress response still functions much the same as it did when we were cave men and women.

However we are faced with very different stressors and challenges compared to our prehistoric ancestors especially now with technology ruling our time, work and social interaction…. or where you chased by a sabre tiger or had to chase after food or grow all your own, had a tribal dispute, experienced draught or famine recently…

One of the many challenges we face to stay healthy in this modern, fast paced, technology ruled environment where there is no room for failure or imperfection and were marketing only promotes and pushes for perfection, harder, better, faster, stronger, higher environment, is to accept that we are human, not superhuman.

That being human means we have a body that that body has its limits in contrary to our mind with its infinite possibilities. Being a healthy human is to know where the limits of the body are and to be mindful of the body’s needs instead of disregarding them. I can run a marathon in my mind, I just close my eyes and there I go… I can even win against the strongest competitors… however when I start running now… well I will not make it very far and even if I train I will never win… it is just a fact and I know my limits… However put me on a stage and let me talk about stress health and wellbeing I’m in my element and so is my body… There is a quote only a king can dream a kingdom… just ponder upon that this week 🙂

Back to our body… The body is the temple in which your soul houses. Honour it, and it will honour you. Be mindful of your body and its needs and health will be your bonus. Give it at try what do you have to loose?

It takes a bit of training yes but it’s well worth the effort. The best way to train body awareness is by practicing a very simple breathing exercise. It only takes a 2-3 minutes which you repeat a couple of times a day and goes as follows

You breathe in and out slowly with a cycle of about 6 a minute. After a minute start inducing a feeling of warmth, wellbeing with every exhalation. Like a wave that goes through your body.

Keep practicing this exercise and become aware of the sensations in your body and observe what happens.

That’s all for this episode of Health Matters have a great day and I’ll catch up with you again next week here on Radio X or why not subscribe to the Health Matters podcast or Facebook page so you don’t miss any future feature or bonus episodes and articles. You can find the appropriate links and a free ebook with the mentioned exercise on my website

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