Ready for the Holidays?

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X from 30 June 2014

I’m Tom Meyers Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body & Mind and welcome to another episode of Health Matters.

The summer holidays are around the corner and I sincerely hope you’ve implemented some of the ideas shared with you here on Health Matters  and, that you are practicing some of the health promoting exercises I shared with you over the last 10 months so that you can enjoy your holidays from day one.


Fact is that many people as soon as they stop working and start their holiday are ill the first days with headaches and migraines, severe back aches, or flu like symptoms. This is called leisure sickness and is typical for people with stressful jobs.

When the pressure is on, the stress response keeps you going but at a cost. As it inhibits your recuperation and regeneration response, tampers with your immune system and when the relaxation moment comes there is just no defence anymore… and your body collapses.

A warned person counts for 2… so I hope you’ve paid attention and if not if you have a stressful job and your holiday doesn’t start till the end of  the month then start implementing some health promoting behaviour today.

On a personal note I’ve really enjoyed writing and recording Health Matters. I started with the idea of sharing lots of exercises with you to bring back ease to body and mind to make you more resilient, healthier and happier. Turns out that the more I started to think about the best way to help you as a facilitator to your health and well-being that it wasn’t about sharing hundreds of different exercises.

There is just not enough time in the day to do that and would have ended up very confusing and discouraging.

Instead I noticed that the best way I could help you was by sharing just a handful of exercises like the Reaset breathing exercise, a visualisation exercise, the 5 tibetans, the 7 minute workout and an ear massage for neck and tension releave. That it was more important to share with you new ways of looking at stress, health and wellbeing, at the way we live our lives. That it is not so much about how many exercises we do, but that health is more about our attitude and behaviour. That we need to reclaim responsibility for our health and wellbeing. That we need to stop and think of our behaviour, thoughts and foremost need to reconcile ourselves with being human and not superhuman.

I also like to take this opportunity to thank Paul, Chris, John and Lee and the other Dj’s of Radio X for the opportunity to bring Health Matters to you and for the continuous support and promotion you’ve given my episodes, guys you rock. I also like to thank Paul from Together Magazine in which I’ve published 8 episodes of Health Matters in a s many months.

I also like to thank you the listener to tune-in to Health Matters and sincerely hope you liked it as much as I liked to share it with you.

During July and August, Health Matters continues with updated and edited reruns of previous episodes. So keep tuned-in to Radio X or subscribe to the Mixcloud podcast that you can find on

I’ll be back in September with new episodes of Health Matters.

Enjoy your holidays and be good to you, always but especially today.

I’m Tom Meyers Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body and Mind and contributor of thought to your health and well-being.

Would you like to know more about my work or presentations on Understanding & Managing Stress then go to


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