No… ‘Que Sera Sera’

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X from 23 June 2014

I’m Tom Meyers Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body & Mind and welcome to another episode of Health Matters.

Last week I talked about loving your antagonist, that constant twitter inside of you that questions your motives and that always seems to oppose you.


Seems so as in truth it is out there to challenge you if you are sure you want to do this but also it’s there to face you with your intuition that also expresses itself with a gut feeling, or a premonition you can have about something your going or not going to do and that your subconscious self wants you to question.

First step is to recognise the twitter or the feeling and embrace it.

Second step is to learn from it but also to reinforce it. With that I mean if you’re walking around on automatic pilot all the time, you’re unaware of the messages or feelings and thus you’re missing out on vital guidance and coaching from within.

Tuning-in is the message. How… believe it or not but the reaset breathing exercise is a very good start. Where you breathe in and out slowly and create a positive feeling that you expand on the out-breath and that you diffuse through all your cells like a tidal wave from the centre of your body outward.

When you practice this 3 times a day, for three minutes at a time and now and then just for 1 or 2 breath cycles you will start to connect to your body and intuition more. You will become more aware of how your body is in a particular moment in time. You will notice that in certain circumstances you’re heart rate and breath rate go up, that you feel muscles tense up and that you thus have a choice to act on it.

It’s a process, just like practicing for being able to run a marathon or learning to play an instrument. It’s all about setting a goal, creating a plan of action and practice, practice, practice. It needs to become a learned condition, a habit.

Repetition and being pro-active is key to your health and wellbeing.

It is an investment yes, as health asked from your: time, effort and energy… but worth investing in as everything else depends on it.

Health is not ‘Que Sera Sera’ – whatever will be will be – even life itself is not ‘Que Sera Sera’ we were made to believe it was and we gladly followed it as it meant we weren’t responsible… but what has it brought us? In the western society with all that we have created, have to our disposition more and more people are sick and are dying too young from chronic illnesses. The day we are free from work when we finally have time to live the dream that was put on hold we find ourselves to used up, to do any of it.


We need to stop and think. Reflect on the way we live our lives. Do less and enjoy more. Reconnect with ourselves and listen to the voice inside.

Reclaim responsibility for our actions, health and wellbeing. If not you for you who will????

I’m Tom Meyers Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body and Mind and contributor of thought to your health and well-being.

Would you like to know more about my work or presentations on Understanding & Managing Stress then go to


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