The voice of the Antagonist

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X from 16 June 2014

I’m Tom Meyers Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body & Mind and welcome to another episode of Health Matters.

In today’s episode I like to talk to you about ‘the voice of the antagonist’ or in other words the twitter inside of you that constantly tells you to surrender, to give up, to yield, tells you, you will fail or tells you why bother…


What if this constant opposing twitter was in fact your greatest ally? Everything exists in duality and the antagonist is not more than the opposing force, equal to and never greater than what you can handle or cope with. The antagonist is never stronger than you are. It just is, part of life, part of being human, part of the challenge of having to make choices.

The antagonist that twitter enemy, is you!

So if the antagonist is you, do you really think it is out to harm you or to sway you from your path?

Isn’t it when you go beyond that point of resistance where you listened to the antagonist, acknowledge it’s presence, smile inside and went on, that you feel you achieved the most, that you are the proudest of yourself?

When, and against all odds you managed to include your breathing exercises 3 times a day, or stick to your diet, your running schedule or positive mind frame that you feel your best, light, vibrant and proud.

Remember the teacher you most hated because of his incessant questioning, unreasonable amount of homework or nitty gritty perfectionism, isn’t he or she the one you remember and on hindsight learned from the most?

One of the cornerstones of Christianity is ‘love your enemy’, that enemy can come from within you. Love it as it loves you.

Learn to consider your antagonist as your closest ally, it opposes you to push you to follow your dream. It tells you, are you sure this is what you want?

It is the traffic light for you to stop, think, reflect. It is the instrument the you can consciously use to improve and perfect yourself for you to become whole, and that uplifts you as a being.

Once you recognise the Antagonist for who he is, he will become your best friend and ally.

When you’re faced with your antagonist breathe in and out slowly, focus within, embrace him and say thank you.

Use when needed, the Ho’opnopono mantra I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you as revealed to you in last weeks episode of Health Matters.

You decide to take matters in your own hands, and face the enemy as your friend, only you can free yourself and create your dream.

I’m Tom Meyers Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body and Mind and contributor of thought to your health and well-being.

Would you like to know more about my work or presentations on Understanding & Managing Stress then go to

Would you like to know more about the Antagonist? The I can recommend to you the book ‘The School for Gods by Stefano D’Anna.’

The School for Gods by Stefano D’Anna

School for Gods Book Cover


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