Managing (Work) Stress

  • Is your company struggling with increased employee sick days?
  • Do your colleagues / employees seem more at edge then usual?
  • Is there a stagnancy or reduction in creativity and productivity?
  • Or bluntly is (work) stress getting the upper hand?

Then you might want to consider organising a workshop ‘Understanding & managing Stress in your company.

For more information watch the 3 minute video and give me a call or email me afterwards to see what I can do for you.


Contact details:

I travel to anywhere in the world if I can help you and those around you be healthier, happier and more resilient.


“Tom’s talks, at the Brussels Imagination Club, about stress and its affect on the body and mind are insightful as are his suggestions on how to deal with stress effectively. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Jeffrey Baumgartner ( “author of The Way of the Innovation Master, inventor of Anticonventional Thinking and co-founder of the Brussels Imagination Club”

“I have found Tom’s experience to be of great inspiration to those looking to improve the way in which their brain functions. He is yet another professional who has discovered and utilised brain self-control and amygdala tickling in an original and useful way that will be of great importance to many.”

Neil Slade ( “author of Tickle your Amygdala”


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