How to make those resolutions stick

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X  from 06 january 2014

I’m Tom Meyers, Stress Coach and welcome to another episode of Health Matters. In Health Matters I take a closer look at the S word that has become one of the biggest challenges to our health and wellbeing STRESS.

This week I like to talk about how to make those health resolutions you made over the last two weeks stick.

I sincerely hope that with the insights I shared with you last year that some of your resolutions include health and health promoting behavior.

In fact recommended for making your goal stick is to choose just one resolution. One challenge that you like to take on your journey and that you can focus on fully and what is more important then health?.

Resolutions are changes of things you’re not so happy about and always go hand and hand with conflict. On a bad day when you have too many conflicts with your resolutions on top of the daily challenges you are more prone to fall into the bad habits again and that needless to say creates negative emotions and stress.

So to avoid that choose 1 firm resolution.

Other steps to success are the following:

Be realistic: Choose a resolution that is challenging but don’t put your goals to high either.

Get support: Although they are personal talk to someone about it. Get a support partner or circle of people that can help you and on who you can count on to help you back on track. Talk to them about your journey and discuss how they can help you in the process.

Learn a Reaset breathing exercise or practice a meditation technique: Changes and challenges are stressful and thus the body is always involved. Reducing stress levels in your body therefore is essential as it will help you to focus, handle distractions and temptations better. They will also help you to master your fears and moments of anxiety that you surely will face in the course of your journey. In a nutshell it will help increase your willpower and you surely will need that.

Get a notebook: Write down your goal, why you want this change, what the benefits are in the long run and what the pitfalls are. To go deep into quest behind the question use the 5 why’s iterative question approach. Which is when you’ve written down your answer to the first question ‘Why you do this’… to ask ‘why’ again in response to the answer you’ve given and after that Why again and so on 5 times? This way you really determine the root motivation. After that you could also add what the benefit could be for others? Your family, friends, colleagues? Try to see the bigger picture.

Willpower workout. Like training to run a marathon, or learning how to play an instrument changing a habit, implementing health promoting behavior or increasing your willpower it is all about repetition and to keep on practicing and expecting that some days it will be difficult.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

I’m Tom Meyers stress coach for body and mind and contributor of thought to a healthier and more joyful living.

Enjoying Health Matters then share the episodes with your family and friends by going to the website or visit my website


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