Health Matters

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X  from 16 December 2013

I’m Tom Meyers, Stress Coach and welcome to this last episode of Health Matters here on Radio X this year. From mid January onwards Health Matters will be back with tips on how to breathe new life into your health and wellbeing.

But lets see what you have learned over the last 3 months about stress and which I like you to keep in mind.

Insight one is that stress is a biological autonomic response to protect your body…  and thus stress pers se is not the problem as we can’t blame our biology for the way it has evolved… we can and have to start to accept that we are embodied and that body comes with its limitations unlike the mind that has infinite creative capacities.

We can point the finger at our culture which has evolved with a speed never seen before and to which our body hasn’t had time to adapt. However changing our culture isn’t going to happen is it? Looking into the crystal ball it will only go faster and with more intensity.

So while stress has become a nuisance as our biology and culture are in conflict – where to start the change process to turn the tide.

First is to recognise the stressors and to see if you aren’t taking too much on your plate. Start make some firm decision to say NO to more activities and so do less but enjoy more.

While stressors are always going to be part of life it is the way you regard them that has an impact on the way your body processes it. So be mindful of your thoughts and feelings. Also have a look at your values. Do you know your values and are you living by them?

Allostatic load is when the balance between action and ease dynamics are disrupted… In other words we’re always switched on creating wear and tear on the body due to the physiological consequences that chronic stress – with increased adrenaline and cortisol levels  -brings along.

The key to health is recognising that your stress response is able to switch off … when the stressor is over … and if it doesn’t that you take time to Reaset.

Reaset practices are learned, they are skills that when you repeat them over and over again become part of health promoting behaviou. This can be a breathing exercise, a body scan, a visualisation exercise, a meditation, a hands on approach or a mindfulness technique.

As stress busters go have you done something for others lately without wanting recognition or a reward but just because you wanted to help? Studies show that altruism has a positive influence on your health and wellbeing and enhances your peace of mind. With the holiday season ahead you might like to keep this in mind.

Remember the really good news is that you can be more resilient through very little investment of your time. 20 minutes spread over the day is a great start to a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life.

There is only one person that can make the real difference and that is you.

On that note if you like to read more how to help yourself then go to my website and download the free ebook Reaset: The Return of Ease.

I’m Tom Meyers Stress Coach for body and mind and contributor of thought to a more joyful and healthy way of living and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and joyful new year

And a big thank you goes out to Radio X  and especially Paul for making this feature possible and Lee for the post production of the episodes I send him every week. Really guys you Rock 😉 and sincerely hope that by this time next year that FM licence is a fact.


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