Stress Busters

Transcript of the Feature ‘Health Matters’ on Radio X  from 09 December 2013

I’m Tom Meyers, Stress Coach and welcome to episode 13 of Health Matters here on Radio X.

In Health Matters I take a closer look at the S word that has become one of the biggest challenges to our health and wellbeing STRESS

Last week you learned to recognise the signs when stress has got you in its grip. This week it is about tips how you can prevent from being overwhelmed by stress.

There is no miracle tool nor magic spell.

That stress doesn’t become a nuisance starts with you. It starts with you learning what stress is and that we have covered extensively over the last few months here on Health Matters.

After learning what stress is… the next step is to see how much your current day and week allows for relaxation, recuperation and regeneration time. Are you on the go from morning till evening then stress will catch up with you. It’s that simple.

How much time-out, to focus on you,  should you have a day… less then you think… but more then is easy it seems… recommended is a minimum of 20 minutes a day. That is not 20 minutes in one go but a few minutes here and their during the day totalling to a minimum of 20 minutes.

Be creative with this time-out but don’t do anything else then something that helps you to unwind and calm your body… when you calm your body, when you reaset the stress response to ease the bonus is it will calm your mind too… not convinced?  Try it…

Need some ideas how to unwind in a few minutes… here are few

Breathing exercises as covered in the first episodes of Health Matters are by far the best way to reaset. Download the eBook Reaset: The return of Ease on

Pandiculation is a good second. pandicule what??? Pandiculation or Stretching accompanied by yawning… How do you feel after a stretch and a yawn… exactly relaxed, so try it.


Massaging your ears from the top to the middle while breathing in … and from the middle to the earlobe while breathing out. Silly it might be but it works especially to relax those stressed neck muscles.

Reaset Ear Massage by

Whatever technique you use to relax and reaset don’t feel guilty about it… enjoy it. Time-out is an essential part of health. Your parents might have taught you that you must be doing something all the time… but sorry to say unlearn what you have learned… your biology needs moments of relaxation to recuperate, regenerate, digest and heal…. relaxation is part of healthy living.

Step 3 is practice, practice, practice, make health promoting behaviour a part of life even in good days. A little bit every day will keep stress at bay.

I’m Tom Meyers Stress Coach for body and mind and contributor of thought to a more joyful and healthy way of living. Would you like to get in touch with me then visit the website


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