Stress is probably not the problem!?

Transcript of the Feature Health Matters on Radio X  from 21 October 2013

I’m Tom Meyers, Stress Coach and welcome to another episode of Health Matters here on Radio X. In Health Matters I take a closer look at the S word that has become one of the biggest challenges to our health and wellbeing STRESS.

If you have been listening to Health Matters over the past few weeks you know by now what stress is, what effects it has on your body, behaviour and thoughts and you also have some ideas as why it has become a pain in the neck and you also know that from a biological perspective problems arise because our biology hasn’t adapted itself to the way of life of the 21 century …

So lets stand still for a moment and observe how we are living today compared to our paleolithic ancestors?

I invite you to stop for a moment and take a look around you. Look at all those fabulous things you’re surrounded with and especially those electronic devises, gadgets, tools you see. I bet that most of those you see around you didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago probably not even 10 years ago.c

You at home, yes you… take notice of your flatscreen tv, dishwashers, led lights, coffee machines, wifi internet,… and to you who is listing at work it might give you headaches but wow isn’t that computer something amazing?

Or you who is listening via Tunein have a look at your smart phone, appreciate the little marvel that is in your hand and reflect how your life has changed since you’ve had it.

Why did we make or get all of these beautiful tools? Weren’t they meant to give us more time to make our life easier? So ask yourself why do you have less time are you running after yourself and stress to the point that it makes you sick?

You might like to ponder upon that over the next few days…

Thinking about the way we live and the lack of time most people seem to have gave me a vey interesting insight and that is that ‘Stress is probably not the problem?’

That we don’t relax enough physically probably is the real quest and challenge…

So this weeks first health tip is really some homework. I would like you to make a list of things that that stress you and make a list next to it with what you do to physically relax. Then I would like you to reflect how balanced your lifestyle is.

Tip two is especially for you that works behind the computer. How’s your neck doing? Does it feel tensed and could you use a bit of relief? Then sit back comfortably for a moment and massage your ears… Your what? Your ears, yes this might sound a bit crazy and yes you can laugh out loud but I invite you to try it.

Are you sitting comfortably Ok, lets do this together first turn your head to the left without moving your shoulders look now turn your head  right. How does that feel right now? How far can you turn? Keep that information in mind. Now start massaging both your ears from top down between index finger and thumb. Do that at least three times. And you there I see you don’t hold your breath… breathe in and out nice and easy while you do this.

There how was that for you? Turn your head left and right again how does that feel now? Better doesn’t it…

On that note I’m Tom Meyers and I wish you all a very relaxing day. Would you like to listen to this feature again then go to the website or visit my website where you also find information on the Handle your stress talk I’ll be giving this Thursday at Cook & Book in Woluwe.


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