9.139.770 working days lost due to stress in a year in Belgium.

Another scary figure: 9.139.770 is the amount of days Belgian employees were absent from work in 2010 due to stress. More then 1 in 10 working in Belgian is absent due to stress at work…

Time to change our lifestyle and really think about practical solutions… and lets start with a quote I recently read on the little paper attached to my Yogi Tea for those who drink Yogi Tea you know what I mean:

Man is the best medicine for man. 

You are that man or woman and only you can choose for yourself… does health matter to me? If you say yes maybe you like to start with listening to my upcoming radio feature on www.radiox.eu and yes it’s called Health Matters. It will be aired every Monday from  16 September onwards. If you like to know more listen to the promo here: Health Matters 

Contributer to a healthier lifestyle and more joyful living



Above picture and figures came from http://www.vacature.com/blog/stress-op-de-werkvloer-11-opvallende-cijfers and TéléMoustique 9 maart 2011, PreventNet, Securex, Test-Aankoop



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