Scientist DON’T know what antidepressants do

ImageDid you know that… scientists don’t know what antidepressants do that help depressed people feel better. It’s true that Prozac, for example, inhibits serotonin uptake, but what does it accomplish? Scientists argue that that Prozac and related drugs begin inhibiting reuptake within 24h, yet people who take the drug for depression don’t start feeling better for three to four weeks.’ (Excerpt from the book ‘The end of stress as we know it by Bruce McEwen)

So what more complex process are they really influencing and what are the longterm effects of that on our health? In Belgium alone 1.1 million people are taking anti-depressant drugs…. drugs that have passed the tests for public use but no one knows what they really do!!!??? I know that people are helped by them but still one must question if we are putting ourself at risk.


Contributer to a healthier lifestile and more joyful living


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