‘Mind over Matter’

What is more dominant ‘Mind over Matter’ or Matter over Mind’?

From a neurological point of view the brain is geared more towards ‘Matter over Mind’: There are more neural pathways from the lower centers – the reptillian brain (primary survival functions) and limbic system (emotions and memory) – to the higher up regions of the neocortex (cognitive functions) then visa versa.

Mind over Matter – visualisation, affirmations, possitive thinking,…) is not to be underestimated as among other things it creates an improved environnement for healing. 

However, know that biochemical imbalances – for example through chronic stress leading to depression or burn-out (Matter over Mind) – can be resistant to our envisionings which can lead to discouragement and take us further down the drain… thus Mind over Matter can create the opposite effect of what we initially inteded to achieve.

Contributior to healthier and more joyful living.


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