Do you get sick as soon you relax or are on holiday?


Holidays are the time when you can recharge your batteries. However, for many the first days of the holiday go hand in hand with sickness, headaches, colds, fevers, neck, shoulder or back pain. 

Precious days of that well-deserved week or two weeks off are spent sick – sometimes even bed-ridden. Some don’t get around to unwinding or recharging until the last days of the holiday, and before you know it the holiday is over.

This phenomenon is known as “leisure sickness”, and is typical for people whose daily stress/ease balance is out of whack and thus affecting the immune system.

Do you recognize this?  Would you like to be more in control, avoid being sick and enjoy your holiday from day one? 

If so, consider some Body-Coaching consultations (or a body therapist near you) before your holiday. Body-Coaching is a manual approach, specifically designed to reset that overactive stress response and restore ease. A consultation also includes insights into how you can help yourself to manage stress better, thus becoming more resilient and having more control over your health and wellbeing.

Be good to you always.




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