The path to Radiance: Part 2

Last week on the top of Glastonbury Tor, where the Ley lines Michael and Mary cross I decided to see if I could feel the energies present. I extended my right hand lightly in front of me just like I do every day with patients  – when I do the energy work like the Reconnection – and focused on one area of the mount.

As soon as I felt the magnetic weight, the density building up in my hand (feels a bit like when you put your hand on water) I felt it wanted to take me on a guided tour. Lead by that feeling I started walking.

I observed that it was taking me on a small circular route, through the gateway of the Tor and covering the what I think is the Western part of the mount (Glastonbury centre side). When I had circled this a few times the pattern reversed and I wa guided to walk in a small (compared to the complete top of the mount) circular way but on the Eastside of the Tor with the edge of the circle being the gateway of the Tor itself again. So, identical to the previous circle now just walking on the other side. Then when that was over I was guided to walk the inner perimeter of the mount in a larger circle.

When the energy left me Claire a friend who had taken me there was standing on the path we looked each other in the eyes, connected on a deep level of our souls and we fell in a big long and meaningful brother, sister embrace. A moment for both of us truly spontaneous but oh so right and very emotional. No words were spoken but it wasn’t necessary this was a moment beyond words.

After that we it was time for us to walk down. On our way down I told her that I had read that there was also a Sacred well in Glastonbury and not even a minute later we saw a sign to the Chalice well which was at the bottom of the path we had chosen to walk down.

At the well itself (a private domain) we sat and soaked in the beauty of the place and drank and walked through the iron rich healing water.

What a day…

It was only when I got back to Belgium and looked at the picture I had taken from the cover of the well that suddenly I saw that the ornate decorated lid had exactly the pattern on it that I was guided to walk on top of the well: Two slightly overlapping circles with a large circle surrounding it. When I saw this I was dumbfounded.

What had I sensed into up there?

Since, this symbol is coming back in different forms on my path – like the Flower of Life it also has this pattern within its geometry.

Then today I received an email from Marianne saying (as regards to 21/12/2012) “the alignment of all the duality in the world, to not see them as separate but 2 sides/ends of the same coin/stick.”

It made sense, the two coins being the two smaller circles, if they overlap completely then you have 2 sides of the same coin. Alignment is when those two smaller circles – the overlapping part being the heart – expand like a diaphragm and become one with the 3rd and bigger circle. That is the path to Radiance.

When the evolving process of the 2 sides goes hand in hand with the opening of the heart which will start to be more radiant and continues to vibrate on a higher frequency, when the 3 circles merge then will the Quantum Leap emerge…?

This is but a simplified narration of a vision that is playing in my mind but now imagine again the Flower of Life, with all its circles what if it is the expansion of all the circles all aligning into one… what if that is what is happening as we speak…?


Close your eyes and see in your mind’s eye those two circles. Now instead of only seeing them sense, feel them. Play with them get to connect with them. For some meaning will be perceived. How do you feel about that meaning. Be the observer, acknowledge but let go of all control over them. Now imagine that those two circles become larger, that their overlapping part becomes bigger and bigger until both circles and thus the middle part becomes one with a circle that surrounded them. Don’t stop there. Continue your observation to see what happens next.

For those who are tactile like me you can accompany this process with putting one hand at 20cm in front of the belly and the other at 20cm from the throat Chakra. You can even start this part with first creating an energy ball between your hands before placing your hands at a distance of your belly and throat.

But don’t be limited by what I give as an exercise. Use your own imagination… draw, paint, write,…

PS did you know that Glastonbury Tor was represented in the openings ceremony of the Recent Olympic Games in London? It is the mount on which all the flags were put and Jacque Rogge held the opening speech.

Photo source – Daily Mail


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