The path to Radiance: Part 1


On the 21st of December or 21.12.2012 there will be a Galactic alignment. This is an alignment between the centre of our galaxy, the sun and the earth…. if that alignment is part of our macrocosmic perspective what alignment will we go through in this case with we I mean us human beings beings as part of the microcosmos?

Will we also go in an alignment? The alignment of the self with the overself maybe  manifested in ‘radiance’ and at the same time an alignment of the inner light that has become visible with the light of the outer – the Universe.

Seems that the theme of my next eBook (currently writing it) the ‘The path to Radiance’ is in line with that thought as to really fully experience or even benefit from that 21.12 alignment to be in one’s Radiance is probably a plus.

Food for thought

If we are – subconsciously – preparing for an alignment on a cosmic level is this maybe a reason why so many people are struggling at the moment? Called to question themselves… Am I in alignment with my beliefs, my purpose, my self,…

From: The path to Radiance (a follow-up to “Reaset: The return of Ease“)

Imagine yourself, clearly emanating great joy, being in love, or being healthy in other words “being radiant”… how does that feel like. 

Is that what you want? 

An essential first step in the path to radiance is clarity, therefore making a clear statement to yourself to consciously acknowledge what you want is very important.

The next step is to create a vision. What you want how does that look and feel like? Envision yourself being radiant and write it down, make it a story where you are the main character. Make the story as radiant as you can…

12 years ago I wrote down my own story sparked by the quest: How I envisioned myself in 10 years time. 

I wasn’t too well at the time. My light wasn’t shining on the contrary it was going out. It was a coach I went to see who gave me the assignment to answer this question. Three questions had proceeded this penultimate question: What do you admire in the people that are around you, friends, family members,… ?  What do people come to you for, ask your advise on, like about you,…? What have you done so far that made you truly happy or said if I would do this for the rest of my life I would be happy,…?

The three preceding questions had – it turned out – one goal revealing, clarifying my potential. When you are tumbling down into a deep and dark valley it is very difficult to think or to be positive let alone image a bright future. Detached from myself I imagined what the potential I had found could be… I made up a story around it. That story became my vision.

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